Are Any Of The PT-109 Crew Still Alive?

After seeing the film, President Kennedy called PT 109 a “good product,” but he worried about the length of the film at 2 hours and 20 minutes. He said, “It’s just a question of whether there’s too much of it”.

Where was PT-109 sunk?

PT-59’s legacy has long been overshadowed by the Kennedy’s first wartime boat, PT-109. Sunk off the coast of the Solomon Islands in August 1943, the ship endures in popular imagination thanks to the then-25-year-old lieutenant’s heroic efforts following the crash.

What happened to JFK’s PT boat?

The Truth About JFK and His PT Boat’s Collision with a Japanese Destroyer in WWII. In April 1943, 25-year-old John F. Kennedy arrived in the Pacific and took command of the PT-109. Just months later, the boat collided with a Japanese ship, killing two of his men (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, PC101).

How fast was a World War II PT boat?

Wooden-hulled, 80 feet long with a 20-foot, 8-inch beam, the Elco PT boats had three 12-cylinder Packard gasoline engines generating a total of 4,500 horsepower for a designed speed of 41 knots.

Was the PT-109 ever found?

A National Geographic expedition has found the WWII patrol boat that became a cornerstone of the Kennedy legend. A National Geographic expedition led by explorer Robert Ballard has found what is believed to be the remains of John F. Kennedy’s PT-109.

Is the movie PT-109 accurate?

You can’t review a historical movie without talking about its historical accuracy. Overall, PT-109 does a good job with keeping things accurate. However, they altered one significant part of the story with the sole purpose of writing ethnic minorities out of history.

How many men died on the PT-109?

The boat was PT-109, skippered by a young lieutenant from Massachusetts named John F. Kennedy. Two of Kennedy’s 13 men were killed in the collision, and others were injured or sickened by the fuel that poured from their sinking vessel.

How many PT boats are left?

Today, just four combat-veteran PT boats still exist in the United States; of those, only PT-305 is fully restored and operational, complete with original-model engines.

What did JFK think of the movie PT 109?

After seeing the film, Kennedy called PT 109 a “good product,” but worried about the two hour, 20-minute length. “It’s just a question of whether there’s too much of it.”

What PT boats were used in the movie PT 109?

There were only three “PT boats” – USAF 85′ Air Sea Rescue boats converted to look like authentic 80′ Elco PTs by the Miami Shipbuilding Co. – used in the film.

Who was killed on PT-109?

PT-109 explodes

Seamen Andrew Jackson Kirksey and Harold William Marney were killed instantly, and two other members of the crew were badly injured and burned when they were thrown into the flaming sea surrounding the boat.

What does PT PT-109 mean?

PT-109 stood at her station, one of fifteen PT boats (“Patrol Torpedo” boats) that had set out to engage, damage, and maybe even turn back the well-known “Tokyo Express.” US forces gave that name to the Japanese navy’s more or less regular supply convoy to soldiers fighting the advance of US forces in the islands …

Who was Pappy on PT-109?

Nicknamed ″Pappy,″ he was the oldest member of the PT-109 crew because he enlisted in the Navy at age 37. Though exempt because of his age, McMahon was determined to serve when his stepson, then 19, enlisted in the Navy one day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Does the Navy still use PT boats?

Nicknamed “the mosquito fleet” and “devil boats” by the Japanese, the PT boat squadrons were hailed for their daring and earned a durable place in the public imagination that remains strong into the 21st century. Their role was replaced in the U.S. Navy by fast attack craft.

How long was the crew of PT 109?

The crewmen, who later swam to a slightly larger island in search of food, were stranded for six days, living off coconuts, before they were rescued.

Did PT boats sink any Japanese ships?

Though few PTs sank major Japanese ships, they enjoyed more success in other operations, including reconnaissance and search and rescue. The boats often harassed and broke up Japanese barge traffic, earning the nickname “devil boats” among the enemy.

Where were ww2 PT boats built?

Built in New Orleans by Higgins Industries, the patrol-torpedo (PT) boat PT-305 was a critical asset for the US Navy during World War II, serving in European waters from 1944 to the end ofthe war.

What was a PT boat made of?

This event came to be known to history as the “Plywood Derby” despite the fact that the PT boats were constructed of mahogany. In the end, the USN was sold on boats from all three manufacturers – ELCO, Higgins and Huckins – and offered defense contracts to all three.

What did PT stand for in PT boats?

PT (Patrol, Torpedo) boats were small, fast, and expendable vessels for short range oceanic scouting, armed with torpedoes and machine guns for cutting enemy supply lines and harassing enemy forces. Forty-three PT squadrons, each with 12 boats were formed during World War II by the U.S. Navy.

How many ships did PT Boats Sink in WW2?

By the last patrol on the night of April 28, 1945, American PT boats had been fighting in the coastal waters of North Africa, Italy, and France for two years. During that period, they fired 354 torpedoes, claiming 38 vessels totaling 23,700 tons sunk.

Are there any WW2 PT boats still around?

Today there are just two fully restored and operational Patrol Torpedo boats, or PT boats, left in the world, and only one of them saw service in World War II.

What president served on a PT boat?

Combat Command and the PT-109

Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (JG) Kennedy entered combat with an assignment to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Two based in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific in 1943. It was there he boarded “his” PT boat. Finally he had his first combat command.

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