Are Monroe Shocks Good Quality?

The main differences between Gabriel vs Monroe are: Gabriel shocks and struts tend to ride firmer, whereas Monroe shocks often provide a smoother drive. Gabriel models do better off-road, whereas Monroe shocks and struts are usually more suited to highway driving.

What’s the difference in Monroe shocks?

Monroe OESpectrum shocks and struts include several additional improvements over Reflex units. The piston rod is protected by a stronger chromium plating. An improved top oil seal, along with a new semi-synthetic oil, help further enhance durability.

Which shocks give the smoothest ride?

The smoothest riding shocks you can get would be ones identical or nearly identical to factory tuning, typically something like the Bilstein B4 series, KYB Excel-G Series, or Monroe OE Spectrum. All of these have the most forgiving valving for road handling and comfort.

Will new shocks improve ride quality?

Shocks and struts help keep the vehicle stable during acceleration and braking. … The customer may think that new shocks and struts will simply make their ride smoother, but the truth is that new shocks and struts can do a whole lot more. New shocks and struts can make a vehicle corner and brake like when it was new.

Which is better gas or oil shocks?

Gas charged shocks provide a sportier ride. must compress before the oil can be forced through the valve. Hydraulic shocks give a softer and smoother ride. is increased at a slower in the hydraulic shocks which produces the softer feel.

Is KYB better than Bilstein shocks?

➥➥ Bilstein shocks are overall more durable and better for off-road driving. ➥➥ KYB shocks are a bit better with cornering. Their corner strut assemblies are a bargain too. ➥➥ KYB are definitely stiffer – with Bilstein you will experiences a smoother, more comfortable ride overall.

How long do Monroe shocks last?

Monroe Quick Struts typically last about 50,000 miles total when they work in perfect condition. As long as you maintain them consistently, you shouldn’t have to worry about them breaking down or malfunctioning anytime soon.

Which brand of shocks is the best?

Top 10 Best Shock Absorbers

  • 1) Monroe.
  • 2) KYB.
  • 3) Bilstein.
  • 4) Fox Racing.
  • 5) Gabriel.
  • 6) KONI.
  • 7) Rancho.
  • 8) Skyjacker.

Are Monroe shocks Made in USA?

Our Monroe Shocks Review

Monroe is also known as one of the best suspension brands when it comes to looking for complete strut assembly. Their line-up of struts and shock absorbers are made in the USA and have been instilling confidence in drivers since 1992.

Is Gabriel shocks a good brand?

These shock absorbers are considerably larger than the OEM shocks and the quality shines. I replaced the rear springs at the same time as the rear shock replacement, and the ride height was restored, as well as the ride quality. … These are certainly worth the money, as they are the best shocks I have ever installed.

Are Monroe shocks soft?

MJADDICTION said: The Monroe’s are too soft, as every other thread on this topic has stated about these shocks. The rig does ride a lot better than with, what I think, were the original OEM front shocks. Very floaty feel to the ride, like an old Oldsmobile land ya ht.

Are Monroe shocks good for off road?

off-road tough

There are no boundaries to adventure off-road with Monroe Gas-Magnum shock absorbers. These shocks are specifically designed and built for African road conditions to enhance the versatility and performance of 4×4 vehicles driven off-road.

Which is better KYB or Monroe?

Kyb Shocks & Struts are hands down the better option of the two because they provide a more stable ride and a better overall performance of your vehicle compared to Monroe, even though they are more expensive, we suggest you go with Kyb.

Do I need to replace all 4 shocks at once?

Shocks and struts should always be replaced in pairs or, better yet, all four, for even, predictable handling and control. … Remember, too, that whenever the struts are replaced, it becomes important to check the alignment, as it may have changed, to protect your vehicle tires and assure maximum safety.

Do you need an alignment after replacing shocks?

In general, you don’t need an alignment done after replacing shocks on a vehicle with the older style front suspension typically found on rear wheel drive vehicles. … Replacing those shocks has nothing to do with the alignment whatsoever unless the spring has lost some of it’s tension.

Why are Bilstein shocks better?

The Bilstein shock absorber is equipped to handle difficult terrain and harsh bumps, while also improving the handling of your car. They are only designed to fit larger vehicles. The ride of the vehicle may be stiffer than the OEM shocks, and they may not operate at their full capacity with cars that have a lift kit.

Are Fox shocks better than Bilstein?

The decision depends on what you want out of your rig. That said, definitely expect a firmer ride out of Fox compared to the Bilstein. … The aluminum body of the Fox 2.0 shocks provide a couple different benefits; lighter overall weight, and more importantly, better heat dissipation.

Which KYB shock is the best?

If you are doing full-time work with your truck and hauling heavy loads, choose the KYB MonoMax. KYB’s line of truck shocks ensures you get the best shock for how you use your truck or SUV.

How many years do shocks last?

If you’re city-based and drive carefully all the time on well-maintained, perfectly smooth tar roads, your shocks could last up to 10 years. But for those of us who may hit potholes from time to time and drive on dirt roads now and then, expect to get around 5 years from your shock absorbers.

How do I know when my shocks are bad?

The Warning Signs Of Worn Shocks And Struts

  1. Instability at highway speeds. …
  2. Vehicle “tips” to one side in turns. …
  3. The front end dives more than expected during hard braking. …
  4. Rear-end squat during acceleration. …
  5. Tires bouncing excessively. …
  6. Unusual tire wear. …
  7. Leaking fluid on the exterior of shocks or struts.

Are oil shocks good?

In addition, oil shock absorbers remain “soft” and comfortable and provide a very comfortable ride, and if you drive quietly, without heavy loads and high speeds, or if you drive more often on city streets and short distances, oil shock absorbers will be very useful.

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