Do You Need License To Drag Race?

License applicants must complete the two full runs at or better than the requested classes minimum elapsed-time and mph standard. Additional runs may be required. New drivers in Level 1 or 2 may be asked to make one or two additional single qualifying runs at an NHRA Championship-type event before entering competition.

How do I find my NHRA number?

An NHRA membership is required to obtain or renew a competition number or license. If you have any further questions regarding your application, please contact Michelle Daniels in the Southeast Division office [email protected] or by phone 352-374-9922.

How fast can you get your NHRA license?

cars or Motorcycles with a dial-in of 9.99 or quicker (4.50 to 6.39 for eighth-mile) or 135 mph or faster (excludes motorcycle) are required to have a valid NHRA Competition License and NHRA Membership. 2. All license applicants must be at least 16 years old.

How do I become a Top Fuel driver?

How to Become a Funny Car Driver

  1. Join the NHRA (see Resources). …
  2. Park your funny car in the “Tech” center of the track(s) where you’ll be earning your license. …
  3. Drive through your first licensing pass. …
  4. Drive through the second licensing pass at half speed.

How much is an NHRA membership?

For $78 per year, you can become an NHRA Member and receive fantastic benefits. Start by completing your member profile, then customize your choices and make your payment (Visa MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) on the following screens.

How do I contact NHRA?

To exchange tickets or for further inquiries, contact NHRA Ticket Services at 800-884-6472 or [email protected]

How long do NHRA events last?

What to Expect. Unlike a typical three-hour football game or two-hour concert, NHRA Drag Racing is an all-day affair. The best advice for fans might well be the same advice given to the teams you’re coming to watch: Come early, stay late, and be prepared.

What is chassis certification?

NHRA requires that the chassis of a race car that goes 9.99 seconds or quicker, or 135 mph or faster, to be certified every three years. This certification is an inspection of the thickness of the chassis tubing with a sonic tester.

What are the different drag racing classes?

The four Professional categories are Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle. They, along with Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car, the three “Super” classes – Super Comp, Super Gas, and Super Street – and Pro Mod feature a single class of vehicle in heads-up competition.

What does NHRA stand for?

The National Hot Rod Association, the largest auto racing organization in the world, has come a long way since Wally Parks founded it in 1951. Though it has grown into a global sports-entertainment business, NHRA has not lost sight of Parks’ original goal: to provide competitors a place to race.

Where can I legally drag race?

Where Can I Legally Speed or Race?

  • Sonoma Raceway- Sonoma, California. …
  • Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park- Chandler, Arizona. …
  • Qualcomm Stadium- San Diego, California. …
  • Aspen Motorsports Park- Woody Creek, Colorado.

How fast can you go without a roll cage?

Roll Bars are mandatory in all cars running 11.49 or quicker, or per class requirements. Roll cages are mandatory on all vehicles at 9.99 and quicker or any vehicle running 135 mph or faster (regardless of e.t.), or per class requirements. This style of cage is good till 8.50 1/4-mile times and 179 mph.

How old do you have to be to drag race a full size car?

Licensed participants must be at least 13 years old and may participate through the year of their 16th birthday. All runs must be made with an approved licensed supervising adult, who must be the participant’s parent or legal guardian or 25 years of age or older with a valid state driver’s license.

What happens if it rains at NHRA?

Rain Policy/Ticket Exchange Policy:

If Pro nitro qualifying is rained out, customer will be entitled to 100 percent credit*. Following the completion of one round of Pro nitro qualifying, no compensation. ELIMINATIONS (TYPICALLY RUN ON SUNDAY): A total rainout — customer is entitled to 100 percent credit*.

How can I email NHRA?

If your question is not answered, you may contact the NHRA Field Office at 626-914-4761 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

How much does it cost to buy a junior dragster?

A new basic Jr. Dragster costs about $5,000 (used cars can be purchased for less). Additional costs include but are not limited to helmet and other required safety equipment, maintenance, fuel, entry fees, and optional equipment. Equipment will vary in cost according to what type of equipment you choose to purchase.

Is NHRA TV on Roku?

You can access on your computer via a supported web browser or watch any one of the following supported devices: Chromecast, iOS, Android, Apple TV, or Roku. Does support high definition streaming? Yes, is available in 1080p streaming quality.

How many members are in the NHRA?

With 70,000 members and more than 40,000 licensed competitors; NHRA is a thriving leader in the world of motorsports.

How much does it cost to build a drag strip?

The cost of building a drag strip will vary depending on where you live and what sort of permits are required for this sort of construction project, but the general consensus is that, on average, a fully functioning drag strip will probably cost you anywhere from $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 just to get it off the ground.

How much does it cost to race on a track?

Occasionally, tracks host their own “open lapping” sessions, but most track days are set up by car clubs. From the schedule, figure out which clubs are hosting a track day and then check out that particular club’s website to look up how to register and what it costs. Expect to pay about $200 for a day of lapping.

How much does a street race car cost?

Not to mention, the cost of the chassis itself, so you’re looking at well over $100,000 for a car.

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