Does Da Jump Count As Moving?

Unstoppable Green Tide (3CP)– Use at the end of your movement phase. Select a unit of Boyz that has less than half of its starting number of models remaining. Remove it from the battlefield and set up the unit at full strength within 6″ of a board edge and at least 9″ from an enemy model.

Does unstoppable green tide count as reinforcements?

@OP: Yes, you must pay reinforcement points for the new unit, and must pay reinforcement points for the entire spawned unit, not just points for the models replacing previously slain models. If your unit of Boyz cost 240 points, you need 240 points of Reinforcement Points to use Unstoppable Green Tide to bring it back.

How does DA jump work?

First, what is Da Jump? It’s a psychic power in the Ork index for 8th edition. You pick up any infantry unit and then place it anywhere on the board more than 9″ away from any enemy models.

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