Does Spiked Carapace Work On Techies?


  • Heroes with global or very long range spells can help Nyx Assassin take out tougher enemies: Zeus, Ancient Apparition, …
  • Tanky heroes who can lure enemies to use their AoE nukes, allowing Nyx Assassin to counter-initiate with Spiked Carapace.

How do I get the Nyx Assassin?

Casting Vendetta will instantly unearth Nyx Assassin if he is Burrowed. This can be useful for misdirecting enemies, by hitting them with his spells first and then retreating away invisibly when they respond, ready to strike with Vendetta’s backstab damage and a ready Impale.

How do you counter NAIX?


  1. Lifestealer relies on Open Wounds to slow enemies to burst them, but Windranger can use. Windrun to escape through Open Wounds duration.
  2. Windrun and. Focus Fire can easily allow Windranger to kite Lifestealer and do good amounts of damage in the process.

How do you counter Riki?

Ghost Scepter is another great item to escape, as it prevents all physical damage from Riki and set up a safe windows to TP away. Shadow Blade can be used as a mean of escape, but Riki can easily counter it with Dust of Appearance, further securing the kill.

How do you counter Slardar?

Building plus aura armor items on the team (Vlads, AC, Mek) negates most of slardar’s damage. Items that remove Amp almost completely nullify his damage output. The last way to counter slardar is to burst him with magic damage (or physical) during sprint.

Who works well with Slardar?

Generally any hero who is reliant on physical damage/basic attack damage works well with Slardar because of Corrosive Haze.

Is Slardar a good hero?

Slardar, the Slithereen Guard, is a melee strength hero who uses brute force, low cooldown spells, and high physical strength to bring his enemies to their knees. He excels and thrives in close combat situations, and has high mobility, strong initiation and ganking abilities, and good synergy between his abilities.

How do you counter Clinkz?

Morph, Morphling can use Burning Barrage and Searing Arrows to counter Clinkz himself. Waveform can allow Morphling to easily chase down Clinkz.

Does Bristleback counter Riki?

Quill Spray will hit Riki even when he is invisible. Cloak and Dagger’s bonus backstab damage is rendered irrelevant against Bristleback. Smoke Screen does not stop Bristleback’s passive from activating. Gem of True Sight carrier, directly countering Riki’s invisibility.

Is Slardar a carry?

Slardar is a physical damage-based carry and initiator who specializes in chasing down and crushing his foes. While he is very straightforward and easy to learn, mastering his abilities can allow players to unlock his true potential.

Is void spirit hard?

Like DS, Void Spirit is a hard-to-kill mobile and tanky (against physical DMG) melee INT hero. He has great wave-clear and can afford to buy utility items for his team. He provides not only AoE damage but also some control.

Is void spirit op?

Although Void Spirit is overpowered right now, he’s a genuinely fun hero that’s easy enough for most people to pick up. There might still be a litany of nerfs for Inai, but he’s strong enough to justify a few decreases to his numbers and still be fun to play.

How do you beat Slardar in lane?

harass him while hes getting his first three hits in, and back out when he tries to use the 4th on you. he’ll use it on the creeps and repeat. if slardar is getting his 3 hits in the jungle and sneaking in to lane to bash you, get a ward. it just comes down to out-harass slardar and he’ll have to leave the lane.

What is a Slithereen?

The Slithereen are an underwater race. Some members of the Slithereen race make up part of the Deep Ones. They are similar to the Naga.

Is Slardar a fish?

Slardar is a Slithereen, one of the Deep Ones, guardian of a vast network of sunken cities and the ancient riches buried within them.

What should I buy for void spirit?

Bottle is a great pick-up for an aggressive Void Spirit. The right rune can make or break a gank and Void Spirit’s great wave pushing means that you can dominate rune control. Null Talismans are great. Cheap, early stats always help, especially if you’re as aggressive as Topson.

Where can I find void spirits?

Void spirits are dangerous creatures, so you should prepare a smart strategy before facing them. These monsters can be found in the Mines after level 80, and your goal is to eradicate 150 of them.

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