How Long Does Pico Laser Last?

PicoSure is a proven treatment, and several scientific studies have shown that this laser is very good at treating different skin conditions. For example, in one study, about 90% of people who used this laser to treat their wrinkles were satisfied with their improvements after six months.

How many pico laser treatments are there?

How many treatments of PicoSure Focus will I need? A series of 3-4 treatments is recommended. Treatment intervals are 2-4 weeks but can be up to 8 weeks for darker skin types. Each patient is unique and will be evaluated prior to treatment.

Does Pico laser tighten skin?

The Cynosure PicoSure Laser Skin Rejuvenation System utilizes multiple laser wavelengths and technologies. Some of these wavelengths are used for skin tightening, some for tattoo removal, and some for pigmented lesion removal.

What can I expect after Pico laser?

After your pico laser treatment, your complexion will be brighter, firmer, and younger-looking. The PicoWay laser is a facial healing process that works on all skin types. PicoWay laser side effects vary per patient, but some patients experience mild, short-term side effects such as redness, itching, and swelling.

Is Pico laser painful?

Pico laser treatments are not painful. You may experience some slight, temporary discomfort, but nothing like surgical or invasive treatments. Pico laser helps patients achieve their desired results in fewer sessions than other laser technologies.

Is Pico laser permanent?

Are Pico Laser results permanent? Most pigmentation will not return after removal. However, new pigementation can develop due to sun exposure, ageing and hormonal changes.

How often should you get pico laser?

How many treatments will I need? A series of 3-4 treatments is recommended. Treatment intervals are 2-4 weeks but can be up to 8 weeks for darker skin types. Each patient is unique and will be evaluated prior to treatment.

Is it normal to breakout after Pico laser?

Some patients have skin breakouts or small white bumps (milia) 4-5 days after the procedure. The Halo treatment causes damage and swelling to the skin around the pores which causes the pores to close up.

Does Pico Laser leave scars?

At FADE, we exclusively offer PicoSure®, the best Laser Tattoo Removal technology available. PicoSure® is designed with safety in mind and incidents of scarring are very rare.

What can you not do after Pico laser?

The treated area also should not be exposed to intense heat or extreme cold. Skincare with irritants such as perfumes, acids, topical retinoids and other exfoliating agents should also be avoided. Skin care containing retinoid or hydroquinone may be resumed about 5-7 days after the treatment.

What can you not do after PicoSure?

Avoid swimming, soaking or using hot tubs/whirlpools until the skin heals. Contact physician if there is any indication of infection (redness, tenderness or pus). After cleansing and while skin is still moist, apply a thin layer of Aquaphor ointment to the treated tattoo.

Can I wash my face after Pico laser?

Be sure to wash your face gently with cool or lukewarm water to promote healthy healing. Consult a clinical professional in regards to cleansing and the types of cleanser you can use directly after the procedure, however a gentle oil-free cream or gel cleanser will be your best option.

Can I wear makeup after Pico laser?

Is there downtime after PicoSure® treatment? There is absolutely no downtime. This treatment may give you a slightly flushed appearance which will last for about 30 minutes but can easily be covered up with makeup or tinted moisturizer.

Does PicoSure build collagen?

The PicoSure laser provides effective skin resurfacing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments stimulate collagen growth in the deeper layers of the dermis, creating a plumper, rejuvenated look. The increase in collagen growth results in fresh, rejuvenated skin and a more youthful appearance.

Does PicoSure help with pore size?

Skin revitalization with PicoSure laser therapy tightens and smoothens the skin to reduce pore size and the damage caused by aging, sun exposure, or smoking. The laser emits infrared pulses of light energy that reach the deepest layers of your skin. This corrects the problem at its source for long-lasting results.

Is PicoSure and pico laser the same?

Picosure is the first picosecond laser In the world. Although Picosure was the first pico laser, newer picosecond lasers have come onto the market and provide better rejuvenation for Asian and darker skin types.

Can lasers ruin your skin?

Lasers can harm the skin via photochemical or thermal burns. Depending on the wavelength, the beam may penetrate both the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the outermost living layer of skin. Far and Mid-ultraviolet (the actinic UV) are absorbed by the epidermis.

Does pico laser remove hair?

There’s no indications that laser tattoo removal with a Picosure laser will cause permanent hair loss. However, some hair loss at the treatment site can occur, but will typically grow back within the normal healing time. … Laser tattoo removal happens very quickly that chances of damaging hair follicles is minimal.

What is a pico facial?

The PICO Genesis is an ultimate facial treatment that revitalizes the skin, fights acne, reduces wrinkles, and erases both age spots (solar lentigines) and melasma in as few as 2-3 treatments.

How long does redness last after Pico laser?

The skin can be sensitive and red for between 48 hours and two weeks, but this shouldn’t stop your normal daily routine.

What are the side effects of laser treatment?


  • Redness, swelling and itching. Treated skin may be itchy, swollen and red. …
  • Acne. …
  • Infection. …
  • Changes in skin color. …
  • Scarring. …
  • Turning of the eyelid (ectropion).

Is Pico laser good for pigmentation?

The PicoSure laser gently disrupts the pigment particles that are responsible for sun spots and discoloration. IPL (Intense pulsed light) can treat unwanted pigmentation. IPL uses the power of broadband light instead of one specific wavelenth to improve the appearance of sun spots, rosacea, age spots, and skin texture.

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