Is A Swollen Uvula Serious?

This condition is known as uvulitis. When the uvula touches the throat or tongue, it can cause sensations like gagging or choking, although there is no foreign matter present. This can cause problems with breathing, talking, and eating.

What helps a swollen uvula?

Your provider may suggest you do the following at home to ease your symptoms:

  1. Get lots of rest.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids.
  3. Gargle with warm salt water to reduce swelling.
  4. Take over the counter pain medicine.
  5. Use throat lozenges or a throat spray to help with the pain.

How can you tell if you have a swollen uvula?

2 Symptoms associated with a swollen uvula may include:

  1. Fever.
  2. Difficulty swallowing.
  3. Difficulty breathing.
  4. Snoring.
  5. Difficulty talking.
  6. Pain.
  7. Gagging.
  8. Drooling.

Can you choke on your uvula?

The uvula is the little hanging structure in the back of the throat. It is essentially an extension of the soft palate. The patient will typically report that this occurred after a night of severe snoring. It can cause choking and be painful and may make it difficult to swallow.

Can you live without a uvula?

It should disappear in a week or two. Some people get a bad taste in their mouth, but this should also go away as you heal. For some, removing the whole uvula can cause: difficulty swallowing.

Why is uvula swollen?

Share on Pinterest The uvula hangs at the back of the mouth and may become swollen due to bacteria and viral infections. Inflammation is the body’s automatic response to an injury, allergic reaction, or illness. Inflammation may also include redness, irritation, itching, swelling, or burning.

What is the uvula for?

Your uvula is made of connective tissue, glands, and small muscle fibers. It secretes large amounts of saliva that keep your throat moist and lubricated. It also helps keep food or fluids from ending up in the space behind your nose when you swallow. Your uvula is also considered an organ of speech.

How can I relax my throat anxiety?

How to relax the throat muscles quickly

  1. Bring awareness to the breath. …
  2. Next, place a hand on the belly and relax the shoulders. …
  3. Exhale fully, allowing the belly to relax again. …
  4. Keep breathing this way, feeling the hand rising and falling with each breath.
  5. If helpful, people can make a soft “sss” sound as they exhale.

What does it mean if your uvula is white?

White patches at the back of your throat or on your tonsils are usually signs of infection, particularly strep throat, tonsillitis, or mononucleosis; they are sometimes associated with a syphilitic infection.

What does a normal uvula look like?

The uvula is a fleshy, soft tissue in the middle of the soft palate that hangs down in the back of the throat in front of the tonsils, resembling an oval or teardrop shape (see Figure 1).

What is a cobblestone throat?

Cobblestone throat is a term doctors use to describe an irritated throat with visible bumps and lumps at the back. The bumps are caused by enlarged lymphatic tissue in the tonsils and adenoids, which are pockets of tissue in the back of your throat.

Should I see a doctor if my uvula is swollen?

See your doctor if you have a sore throat that lasts longer than a week. To get rid of the swelling from an infection, you need to treat what’s causing it. A doctor can tell you whether it’s due to a virus or bacteria. Most infections caused by a virus don’t have a treatment.

How big is a normal uvula?

The findings noted a uvular length of greater than 15 mm was considered elongated and a uvular width greater than 10 mm was considered wide. The authors suggest more research in snoring and OSA for the future.

Can uvulitis cause death?

It can lead to swelling of the air passage in the mouth or throat. Severe swelling can block your breathing and cause death.

Can the uvula grow back?

It takes about three to four weeks to fully heal after an uvulectomy. But you will likely be able to go back to work or other activities within a day or two of the procedure. Uvula removal may be an option if you snore because of a very large uvula, or you have OSA that is mainly caused by an enlarged uvula.

Why do they remove your uvula?

What is a uvula removal surgery? The uvula (YOO-vyuh-luh) is the tissue that hangs down at the back of your throat. Having it removed can help open your airway and reduce vibrations when you breathe in and out. It can help to reduce snoring and other symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Is uvula a tonsil?

The tonsils can be seen on either side of the throat at the back of the mouth. The adenoids are higher in the throat and usually cannot be seen. The uvula is the small, finger-shaped piece of tissue that hangs down from the soft palate in the back of the throat.

Does ibuprofen help a swollen uvula?

Try an over-the-counter throat spray to relieve throat pain. Ask your doctor if you can take an over-the-counter pain medicine, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), or naproxen (Aleve). Read and follow all instructions on the label. Drink plenty of fluids.

Can you feel uvula on tongue?

Your uvula may even touch your tongue or throat, making it feel as if something is stuck in the back of your throat. In some cases, the sound of your voice may also be affected. Other symptoms of uvulitis may include: Itchy, burning, or sore throat.

What antibiotics treat uvulitis?

(Cefotaxime 2gm IV q4-8h or Ceftriaxone 2gm IV q24h) plus Vancomycin.

Do we need a uvula?

Uvulas are actually infinitely useful to us humans, because they play a role in our swallowing, speech, and saliva production. They also play a key role in whether or not we snore, so read on if you want to tackle that particular life challenge.

Is a uvula necessary?

While your uvula assists you with many essential functions, it can also be an accomplice in snoring. Your soft palate muscles, tongue, and throat relax when you transition to deep sleep. When your throat muscles relax too much, they can block your airway, creating an audible vibration, or snoring.

How much does it cost to get your uvula removed?

On MDsave, the cost of an Uvulectomy (in office) is $685. Those on high deductible health plans or without insurance can save when they buy their procedure upfront through MDsave.

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