What Does It Mean If Something Is Slated?

What does it mean if something is slated?

slated; slating. Definition of slate (Entry 3 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to thrash or pummel severely. 2 chiefly British : to criticize or censure severely.

What does the word slated mean in this sentence?

to be expected to happen in the future or to be expected to be or do something in the future: Jeff is slated to be the next captain of the team.

What are examples of slate?

The definition of slate is a hard rock that splits into smooth layers, or a list of people running for an office. An example of a slate is a knife-sharpening stone. An example of a slate is everyone running for president of the class.

How do we use on and in?

English speakers use in to refer to a general, longer period of time, such as months, years, decades, or centuries. For example, we say “in April,” “in 2015” or “in the 21st century.” Moving to shorter, more specific periods of time, we use on to talk about particular days, dates, and holidays .

How do you use for example?

e.g. is an abbreviation used to introduce examples in a sentence. Lowercase letters should be used when including e.g. in a sentence with a period after each letter and a comma following the abbreviation.

What kind of word is use?

verb (used with object), used, us·ing.

Is slated for?

be slated for (something)

To be planned, scheduled, or organized for something to happen or take place. I was slated for a promotion and a pay raise, but downturns in the economy has put that on hold for now.

Is slated a bad word?

to attack by criticizing; to write or say that something is very bad: Her last book was slated by the critics.

What does Slattered mean?

To be careless, negligent, or awkward, especially with regard to dress and neatness. verb. 1.

What does slated mean in law?

The procedure by which law enforcement officials record on the blotter information about an individual’s arrest and charges, together with identification and facts about his or her background. The term slating is used synonymously with booking.

What shelved means?

1 : to place or store on a shelf shelve books. 2 : to put off or aside : defer The plan has been shelved for now.

What is the short for example?

The abbreviation “e.g.” stands for the Latin exempli gratia, which means “for example” or “for the sake of example.” The abbreviation “i.e.” stands for the Latin phrase id est, which means “that is to say” or “in other words.” When writing, we often use these terms like examples (e.g.) to emphasize a point or use (i.e. …

Does IE mean for example?

The abbreviation “i.e.” stands for id est, which is Latin for “that is.” The abbreviation “e.g.” stands for the Latin phrase exempli gratia, meaning “for example.” … Because id est means “that is,” management is using “i.e., 20 percent” to define the standard discount.

How do you write an example essay?

There are many ways to include examples in an essay, such as using quotes, statistics, or other data. The key is to use multiple examples from the text that are directly related to your argument.

What is difference between on and in?

‘In’ is a preposition, commonly used to show a situation when something is enclosed or surrounded by something else. ‘On’ refers to a preposition that expresses a situation when something is positioned above something else.

Where do we use has and have?

Have and has indicate possession in the present tense (describing events that are currently happening). Have is used with the pronouns I, you, we, and they, while has is used with he, she, and it.

When I can use this or that?

Generally speaking, we use this/these to refer to people and things, situations and experiences that are close to the speaker or very close in time. We use that/those to refer to people and things, situations and experiences that are more distant, either in time or physically.

How do you use slated?

Slated Sentence Examples

  1. It was four thirty, and she was slated to leave at five.
  2. Has confirmed that she will be starring in the movie Be With You, slated for release sometime in 2009.
  3. Voting is slated to begin on February 1, 2010.
  4. This movie is slated for release in February of 2009.

What is a slate rock?

Slate, fine-grained, clayey metamorphic rock that cleaves, or splits, readily into thin slabs having great tensile strength and durability; some other rocks that occur in thin beds are improperly called slate because they can be used for roofing and similar purposes.

What is a slate for acting?

Slate/Slating- For on-camera auditions only. You will be asked to state your name, and sometimes the agent that sent you to the audition, before you begin the scene. This goes on the tape for the casting director’s reference. This is called ‘slating’.

What does slate look like?

Most slates are gray in color and range in a continuum of shades from light to dark gray. Slate also occurs in shades of green, red, black, purple, and brown. The color of slate is often determined by the amount and type of iron and organic material that are present in the rock.

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