What Does The Term Hectoring Mean?

verb. hectored; hectoring ˈhek-​t(ə-​)riŋ Definition of hector (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. : to behave in an arrogant or intimidating way : to play the bully : swagger.

What does a hectoring tone mean?

overbearing and blustering. In a loud, hectoring tone, Alan told us that he wasn’t going to waste time discussing nonsense. Collins English Dictionary.

Why does Hector mean bully?

The word hector, meaning to bully, is derived from a seventeenth-century London juvenile gang known as the Hectors. During the seventeenth century, several youth gangs terrorized the citizenry of London. They damaged property and assaulted watchmen and innocent bystanders, and brawled among themselves.

Where did the word Hector come from?

Hector (/ˈhɛktər/) is an English, French, Scottish, and Spanish given name. The name is derived from the name of Hektor, a legendary Trojan champion who was killed by the Greek Achilles. The name Hektor is probably derived from the Greek ekhein, meaning “to check”, “restrain”.

Did Hector and Achilles really fight?

As the Greeks stormed the Trojan castle, Hector came out to meet Achilles in single combat—wearing the fateful armor of Achilles taken off the body of Patroclus. Achilles aimed and shot his spear into a small gap in the neck area of that armor, killing Hector.

Is Hector a German name?

The surname Hector is an English, Dutch, French and German surname.

Does Hector mean bully?

The definition of hector is to bully. An example of hector is to constantly make fun of someone. A bully. (person, proper) In Homer’s Iliad, the greatest Trojan hero, killed by Achilles to avenge the death of Patroclus: he is the eldest son of Priam and Hecuba.

Is Hector a biblical name?

Hector is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Greek, Spanish. Hector name meanings is To possess or to hold. People search this name as Hector in hebrew mean, Matthew hector john.

Why did Achilles drag Hector’s body?

Following the funeral of Patroclus, Achilles’ grief makes him restless. He ties Hector’s body to his chariot and repeatedly drags it around the tomb of Patroclus, in his furious need for retribution. However the gods protect Hector’s body so that in spite of this cruel treatment it remains unblemished.

What does Sacrimonious mean?

: pretending to be morally better than other people.

What does Difer mean?

transitive verb. 1 : put off, delay. 2 : to postpone induction of (a person) into military service. defer. verb (2)

What does Inviegle mean?

: to persuade (someone) to do something in a clever or deceptive way. : to get (something) in a clever or deceptive way. See the full definition for inveigle in the English Language Learners Dictionary. inveigle. transitive verb.

What does the word vituperation mean in English?

1 : sustained and bitter railing and condemnation : vituperative utterance. 2 : an act or instance of vituperating.

Is Achilles real?

The answer is uncertain. He may have been a great warrior of human birth, or he might have been a compilation of the deeds of many great warriors and leaders of the day.

What is the opposite of Hector?

hectorverb. Antonyms: cower, shrink, hide, skulk, abscond. Synonyms: bully, swagger, annoy, bluster, boast, vaunt, harass, threaten, tease, worry.

Why Hector is a hero?

According to Bernard Knox’s interpretation of a hero, Hector is the true hero because he is daringly courageous, solely devoted to his family and people, and selfless to others around him.

Where is the name Hector most popular?

In the last fifteen years, Hector has been steadily rising in usage in England and Wales. In 1996 the name ranked #573 (29 births), had risen to #421 (51 births) in 2001, #411 (81 births) in 2006 and #386 (103 births) in 2010.

Who Killed Hector?

Achilles, distraught and wanting to avenge the death of his friend Patroclus, returns to the war and kills Hector. He drags Hector’s body behind his chariot to the camp and then around the tomb of Patroclus. Aphrodite and Apollo, however, preserve the body from corruption and mutilation.

Who Won the Trojan War?

The Greeks won the Trojan War. According to the Roman epic poet Virgil, the Trojans were defeated after the Greeks left behind a large wooden horse and pretended to sail for home. Unbeknown to the Trojans, the wooden horse was filled with Greek warriors.

Did Troy have any allies?

The Trojan army defending the great city of Troy, led by their king Priam, had assistance from a long list of allies. These included the Carians, Halizones, Kaukones, Kikones, Lycians, Maionians, Mysians, Paionians, Paphlagonians, Pelasgians, Phrygians, and Thracians.

Did Hector exist?

In Greek mythology and Roman mythology, Hector (/ˈhɛktər/; Ἕκτωρ, Hektōr, pronounced ) was a Trojan prince and the greatest warrior for Troy in the Trojan War. He acted as leader of the Trojans and their allies in the defence of Troy, killing countless Greek warriors. He was ultimately killed by Achilles.

What is a nickname for Hector?

I know a Hector – his nicknames are Hec and Heccie.

Is the name Hector rare?

German, French, and Dutch: from the personal name (see 2 above). In medieval Germany, this was a fairly popular personal name among the nobility, derived from classical literature. It is a comparatively rare surname in France.

What is another name for Hector?

Frequently Asked Questions About hector

Some common synonyms of hector are badger, bait, chivy, heckle, and hound.

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