What Is The Define Of Insuperable?

The state or quality of being independent; freedom from dependence; exemption from reliance on, or control by others; self-subsistence or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference.

What is an example of something that is insuperable?

The definition of insuperable is an obstacle that cannot be overcome. If your boss absolutely forbids you from going on a trip, this is an example of an insuperable obstacle to you going on the trip. adjective. Impossible to overcome; insurmountable. Insuperable odds.

What is the synonym of insuperable?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for insuperable, like: impossible, overwhelming, insurmountable, impassable, do, unconquerable, unsurmountable, surmountable, irresolvable and insuperable.

What part of speech is insuperable?

Insuperable is an adjective that is often paired with nouns like difficulty, obstacle, and barrier.

How do you use insuperable in a sentence?

Insuperable in a Sentence ?

  1. No matter how hard the kitten tried, it could not face the insuperable challenge of climbing back down the tree.
  2. Charles is a foolish dreamer who comes up with insuperable plans that he never achieves.

What is an insuperable barrier?

incapable of being passed over, overcome, or surmounted: an insuperable barrier.

What is the word recondite mean?

1 : difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend : deep a recondite subject.

What is the noun form of good?

Goodness is the quality of being good. You can talk about a person’s goodness: Her goodness shone through.

What is the base word of Independence?

independence Add to list Share. … Independence comes from a nice medieval French word, depenre, meaning “to hang from,” or “to hang down.” The in at the beginning is Latin for “not,” so the word originally meant “not hanging from,” which is a neat description of what countries achieve by throwing off their colonizers.

Can people be tumultuous?

You might hear the adjective tumultuous in news stories about riots because it’s one of the best words to describe a group of people in turmoil or disorder, but it can mean anything in a state of unrest.

What does Immitable mean?

: capable or worthy of being imitated or copied.

What does volition mean in the dictionary?

noun. the act of willing, choosing, or resolving; exercise of willing: She left of her own volition. a choice or decision made by the will.

What is the meaning of surmountable?

adjective. capable of being surmounted or overcome. “situations of measurable and surmountable danger” Synonyms: conquerable. subject to being conquered or overcome.

Which one of the following Words means most nearly the same as garrulous?

Some common synonyms of garrulous are loquacious, talkative, and voluble. While all these words mean “given to talk or talking,” garrulous implies prosy, rambling, or tedious loquacity.

What does Pertinacity mean?

1a : adhering resolutely to an opinion, purpose, or design. b : perversely persistent. 2 : stubbornly tenacious. Other Words from pertinacious Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Did you know?

How do you use the word languid in a sentence?

Languid sentence example

  1. A slow, languid smile crossed his features, one that made her body flush and ache for him. …
  2. The heat makes Helen languid and quiet. …
  3. He turned with her, watching her languid walk. …
  4. They’re too similar in mood, both very languid and dreamy.

How do you use the word assiduous in a sentence?

Assiduous in a Sentence ?

  1. That was very assiduous of you to finish those financial reports weeks ahead of schedule.
  2. With your assiduous attempt at learning Spanish, I think you will master the language in no time.
  3. The assiduous students chose to work on their term paper instead of going out to play.

What is a sentence for lethargy?

Lethargy sentence example. Very large doses in animals cause lethargy , collapse and death. The lethargy of the nation toward its capital suddenly vanished at the outbreak of the Civil War. We also must do something about our mental and physical lethargy .

What word best describes symbiosis?

1 : the living together in more or less intimate association or close union of two dissimilar organisms (as in parasitism or commensalism) especially : mutualism.

What is a good example of symbiosis?

The symbiotic relationship between an anemone (Heteractis magnifica) and a clownfish (Amphiron ocellaris) is a classic example of two organisms benefiting the other; the anemone provides the clownfish with protection and shelter, while the clownfish provides the anemone nutrients in the form of waste while also scaring …

What part of speech is symbiotic?

Of, or relating to symbiosis; living together.

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