What Is Unreputable?

not respectable, lacking repute; discreditable.

What does the term intracellular mean?

: existing, occurring, or functioning within a cell intracellular parasites. Other Words from intracellular More Example Sentences Learn More About intracellular.

What does disreputable mean in English?

: not respected or trusted by most people : having a bad reputation. See the full definition for disreputable in the English Language Learners Dictionary. disreputable. adjective. dis·​rep·​u·​ta·​ble | dis-ˈre-pyə-tə-bəl

What does ignominiously mean?

1 : humiliating, degrading an ignominious defeat. 2 : deserving of shame or infamy : despicable. 3 : marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame : dishonorable.

What does judicious use mean?

: having, using, or showing good judgment : wise The community deserves praise for its judicious use of water. Other Words from judicious. judiciously adverb.

What is difference between intercellular and intracellular?

As adjectives the difference between intercellular and intracellular. is that intercellular is located between, or connecting, cells while intracellular is inside or within a cell.

What do you mean by intracellular level?

Intracellular refers to the inside region of cells and what you find there. The cell membrane keeps all the organelles of the cell and the cytoplasm contained and allows material to move in and out of the cell.

Why is intercellular communication important?

The transfer of information from one cell to another. Intercellular communication is important for cells to grow and work normally. … Cells that lose the ability to respond to signals from other cells may become cancer cells.

What is discreditable mean?

: injurious to reputation : disgraceful discreditable conduct. Other Words from discreditable Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About discreditable.

How are you ferrying meaning?

to transport people or goods in a vehicle, especially regularly and often: I spend most of my time ferrying the children around. On the road: driving & operating road vehicles.

What is the meaning of dishonorably?

1 : lacking honor : shameful dishonorable conduct. 2 archaic : not honored. Other Words from dishonorable Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About dishonorable.

What do refutable mean?

1 : to prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous. 2 : to deny the truth or accuracy of refuted the allegations.

What is another word for bad reputation?

Frequently Asked Questions About disrepute

Some common synonyms of disrepute are disgrace, dishonor, ignominy, and infamy. While all these words mean “the state or condition of suffering loss of esteem and of enduring reproach,” disrepute stresses loss of one’s good name or the acquiring of a bad reputation.

Is Unrebuttable a word?

adjective. Not capable of being disproved or refuted.

What are intracellular substances?

Noun. 1. intercellular substance – the body substance in which tissue cells are embedded. ground substance, matrix. body substance – the substance of the body.

What is intracellular fluid made up of?

The cytosol or intracellular fluid consists mostly of water, dissolved ions, small molecules, and large, water-soluble molecules (such as proteins). This mixture of small molecules is extraordinarily complex, as the variety of enzymes that are involved in cellular metabolism is immense. Ions: Ions in solution.

How do you use intracellular in a sentence?

Intracellular in a Sentence ?

  1. Intracellular toxins affect the organelles and other substances inside of a cell.
  2. When antibiotics enter the body, they engage in intracellular battle with infectious organisms.
  3. Mitochondria are better known as intracellular electric companies because they provide cells with energy.

What are the 4 types of intercellular junctions?

Different types of intercellular junctions, including plasmodesmata, tight junctions, gap junctions, and desmosomes.

What is the difference between intracellular?

The main difference between intercellular and extracellular fluid is that intracellular fluid is the liquid found inside the cell whereas extracellular fluid refers to all the body fluids outside the cell. … The extracellular fluid includes extracellular matrix (ECM), tissue fluid, and transcellular fluid.

Which type of digestion occurs in man?

Humans use extracellular digestion when they eat. Their teeth grind the food up, enzymes and acid in the stomach liquefy it, and additional enzymes in the small intestine break the food down into parts their cells can use.

Can you be judicious?

using or showing judgment as to action or practical expediency; discreet, prudent, or politic: judicious use of one’s money. having, exercising, or characterized by good or discriminating judgment; wise, sensible, or well-advised: a judicious selection of documents.

Who is a judicious person?

Tips: Think of the related verb judge, which means “to form an opinion.” Judicious describes someone who judges things well. The adverb, judiciously, describes wise or prudent actions. If you are judicious, you think through ideas carefully and completely; just like a judge deliberates before making a ruling.

How do you use the word judicious?

Judicious in a Sentence ?

  1. Because of the doctor’s experience, he was a judicious fellow who was well-respected by his colleagues.
  2. The experienced software engineer is judicious when it comes to finding the best way to code a software application.

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