Where Can I Buy Grimblaze Vestment Recipe?

You will find the recipe vendor in Marleybone for the crimson book stand.

Where do you find Onyx in wizard101?

Vendors: Elmer Meadowgrass – Wizard City. Al Saf’wan – Krokotopia. Campbell Hodgson – Marleybone.

Can you craft headless horseman wizard101?

I’d rather Headless Horseman not be craftable, instead also be obtainable from spellements and have an upgrade path. This would make the most sense as the other holiday spells (Krampus and Reindeer Knight) can be learned from spellements and have an upgrade path.

Where do you get flying squid ink in wizard101?

When you’re able to get to the Secret Tunnel in Aeriel Jungle, in Empyrea, farm it for Flying Squid Ink. It drops other items players want too (i.e., boots, hats, jewels, plants, etc…). There are three battles in this dungeon you can solo or run through with a team.

Where do I get Seal of the Seven Seas?

The Seal of the Seven Seas needs to be crafted at the Equipment Crafting Station. If you need to buy the new Crafting Station, you can buy it from the Furniture Vendors in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre. After that comes the big moment: craft the amulet, yay!

Where do you get black Lotus in wizard101?

Black Lotus is purchasable in the Bazaar, and can found in zones of Mooshu, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysilis, to name a few. If you Craft, it can be Transmuted from lower value, more common reagents.

Where can I farm shadow oil in wizard101?

Vendors: Al Saf’wan – Krokotopia. Campbell Hodgson – Marleybone. Yuji Hamada – MooShu.

Who drops diamonds in wizard101?

Sold by: Diego the Duelmaster (100 Arena Tickets)

Where is Toshio in wizard101?

After you finish your Initiate Crafter quest in Marleybone, Felicia Worthington will direct you to talk to Toshio in Jade Palace, Mooshu. He’s situated near the gate to Hametsu Village.

How do u make nightshade?

Crafting; One of the easiest way to obtain the reagent is by transmuting it using the Transmute Nightshade Recipe available from Wul’yahm, the Apprentice Crafter in The Oasis, Krokotopia. She sells the recipe for 200 gold. The recipe allows you to convert 15 Deep Mushrooms to one Nightshade.

How do you get polymorph treant?

This Polymorph can be obtained by casting the Polymorph Treant Spell on yourself. It has a small chance of Critical. Hints, Guides and Discussions of the Wiki content related to Treant should be placed in the Discussion Topic.

Where can I find nightshade reagent?

The transmute nightshade crafting card is available from the Krok crafter in Krokotopia, for about 200 gold.

Where can I farm black pearls in wizard101?

They also can be found while harvesting Pearls in the underwater and shore areas of Celestia, Crab Alley, Avalon and Azteca. Best way to obtain black pearls is to farm pink dandelions which can be gotten in Kroc.

How do you farm ore in wizard101?

Fighting mobs for reagents is really slow, the best places to farm ore are the basilica and atheneum in dragonspyre but that place is pretty popular. A much less popular place is in mirkholm keep by the spirit runner wolves or whatever they’re called.

How do you transmute reagents?

You can “transmute” reagents into other reagents, you just need the recipes and a Card craft table to do it. Visit the recipe vendors to find which one sells the transmute recipe you need ( look for the reagent icon on the tabs ). I believe Toshio in MooShu sells the recipe you need.

Where do I get flying squid ink?

Bosses that Drop Flying Squid Ink

Bug Collector in Aeriel Jungle (boss) Caleban in Aeriel Jungle (boss) Crusher in Aeriel Jungle (boss) Khan in Aeriel Jungle (boss)

Can you buy flying squid ink wizard101?

Your best bet is just to farm Secret Tunnel, and do the Empyrea side quests since many of them give flying squid ink. You can wait until someone sells it in the bazaar or farm secret tunnel.

Where is the best place to farm nightshade?

Farming Nightshade in Bastion

Bastion is by far the most pleasant area in Shadowlands to farm. Neutral enemies are widespread and dangerous zones are rare. So if you want to let your soul dangle while farming, this is the right place for you.

How do you get Ghost on Fire?

Re: Ghost Fire

You have to buy ghost fire from the reagent vendors on either Mooshu or Dragonspyre.

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