Where Can I Find Marvelous Merchandise?

Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Items day 7

You can find lots of them at Dawn Winery and Springvale. Just investigate all carts, stalls, and barrels near the buildings, and check the grassy areas as well.

Where is Liben today?

Liben is currently in Mondstadt. Once you visit him, he will ask you to get a certain item which may include apples, carrots, sweet flowers, mushrooms, pinecones, sunsettias, and other such items.

Which box of marvels is best?

While all of Liben’s Box of Marvels are useful, it seems like the best box to choose is either the Electro or Dendro box. These Box of Marvels give you precious Talent Ascension Materials needed to improve your characters!

How many Primogems does marvelous merchandise have?

Here’s how Marvelous Merchandise works. Each day, Liben has seven different boxes to offer, each with different rewards. Each box has the same amount of Primogems, 40. You can get one box a day, for one week, so that’s 280 Primogems in total.

What do I do with the nameless treasure in Genshin Impact?

You can sell the Nameless Treasures to Linlang, who is located left of the Jewellery store. Make sure you go there at night; Linlang is not present during the day. Linlang will give you Primogems and Mora, and your Nameless Treasure quest is completed!

How do you get Primogems fast?

Primogems from Events

One of the easiest ways to get free Primogems is by participating in various Genshin Impact events! Accomplishing event quests and seeing an event through rewards players with Primogems generously.

How do I redeem codes on Genshin Impact?

Open up your Internet browser of choice and go to the Genshin Impact Redeem Code page. Log in to the site and then enter your Server, Character Nickname, and the Redemption Code you want to use. Hit the Redeem button and the rewards should be automatically applied to your character the next time you play.

Where is Liyue harbor located in Genshin Impact?

After making your way to the Dawn Winery, located to the southwest of Mondstadt city: Go along the coast and follow the path south. You will come to an area called Stone Gate, a large series of stairs and walkways through a mountain. Continue south again, and you will arrive at the Dihua Marsh Statue of the Seven.

Where is shitou in Liyue Harbor?

Shitou is an NPC found in Liyue Harbor, Liyue. He sells ores at the Jade Mystery near the north of Teleport Waypoint. His stock resets every 3 days, but the items offered do not change.

What is the marvelous merchandise event?

Marvelous Merchandise is a recurring event in Genshin Impact where Liben brings daily Box o’ Marvels rewards.

Where is the marvelous merchandise Day 7?

Day 7 of the Marvelous Merchandise Event is now live in Genshin Impact. The events’ duration, eligibility and details can be found here. On the Event Overview page, you will find a tab for the Marvelous Merchant event. Today’s clue is that Liben is located somewhere in Liyue Harbor.

Who is Liben?

Liben (Chinese: 立本 Lìběn) is a traveling NPC from Liyue who makes an appearance during the Marvelous Merchandise event.

How do I get intertwined fate fast?

The fastest way to get Intertwined Fate is by simply exchanging your Primogems for them. Primogems can be farmed by opening chests, unlocking waypoints, and completing missions and Daily Commission (Quests) – Reset Time & How To Unlock.

How do I buy Primogems with real money?

If you want to have access to Primogems as quickly as possible, you can spend real money to get them. Primogems are also available by purchasing a Monthly Card and in Battle Pass. It is best to spend Primogems on restoring the Original Resin, and on Wishes to acquire more powerful objects/characters.

How do you get acquaint fate fast?

Character Ascension Rewards

You can get 1 Acquaint Fate for every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Ascension Phase. If you want to get Acquaint Fates fast, we recommend ascending characters to at least Ascension Phase 1. It only takes a few Character EXP materials, so it’s okay to ascend them even if you don’t use them!

Where do I open nameless treasure in Genshin impact?

There are three Nameless Treasures scattered in the Liyue region, with no specific order to finding them. The Nameless Treasures have no use other than to be sold to a Liyue merchant of your choice. You can find the three Nameless Treasures in Lingju Pass, Qingxu Pool, and Dunyu Ruins.

Who in Liyue is interested in antiques?

The item’s description says that there might be someone in Liyue Harbor interested in taking a look. That someone is Linlang, the proprietor of Xigu Antiques. It’s the store next to the jewelry vendor, and it’s only open at night.

How do you activate geo seals?

The first seal is on the ground at the foot of the tablet, just hit it with a Geo ability to activate it. Now, look across the chasm and you will see two towers. Both of them house a Geo seal, so glider over and climb up, then activate both of them.

How old is Zhongli?

#1 – Zhongli: 28 years (human form), 6000+ years (Archon form) Morax and Barbatos are both Archons, but the former is far older.

Where is the odd person in Mondstadt?

The suspicious person is located between the alchemy table and tavern in Mondstadt (where Bennett is standing in the image above).

Who is Liben Genshin impact?

Liben is a merchant from Liyue. He first appeared in the game on Genshin Impact 1.0. There, players learned that Liben was a curious merchant. He claims that he’s a big merchant now because he’s involved with the Liyue Qixing.

What is in the box of Marvel?

Box of Marvels Details

  • Box 1: 30 Primogems, 3 Teachings of Prosperity, 3 Teachings of Diligence, 3 Teachings of Gold.
  • Box 2: 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, 4 Hero’s Wit.
  • Box 3: 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore.
  • Box 4: 30 Primogems, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 6 Fine Enhancement Ore.

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